How to Study at University

Practical tips and general thoughts on how to study at a Western university

The secret language of subjects

Point: Use high school textbooks to help you prepare for university study Studying at a Western university is a great challenge. If you succeed, you’ll have a real sense of achievement. And you will deserve it. (If you ask me, you’ll deserve it even more than your native speaker classmates. But don’t tell them I […]

Read all about it!

Point: Read the news to increase your vocabulary There are over 600,000 definitions in the Oxford English Dictionary. That’s a heck of a lot of words. But don’t worry, most of them you don’t need to know. And no matter what your level, you would probably be surprised at how many you know already. The rest? Well, you […]

Get rid of get

Point: Get is not an academic word. Get is a very useful word. No doubt about it. Useful because it’s so versatile. lists 28 different meanings of get; 19 as a transitive verb (taking an object) and 9 as an intrasitive verb (with no object). It can mean obtain, find, catch, contract, become, grow, understand, […]

Don’t learn a word; learn words

Point: Learn words in context. Do you keep a vocabulary list? You don’t have to answer; let me believe you do; we may both be happier that way. Let me imagine how you add to your list. I see you reading a difficult article. You are frowning at it. There is hardly a sentence which doesn’t have […]

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