How to Study at University

Practical tips and general thoughts on how to study at a Western university

Cite seeing

Point: Learn when to cite   Some of you do it too much; some of you don’t do it enough. And when you do it, most of you, I suspect, do it wrong. What can ‘it’ be? Talking to your mother? Maybe. Brushing your teeth? Possibly. Citing sources in your essay? Definitely! If you ever […]

Just for reference

Point: There is software to help you write reference lists I wish I could be of more help. I have lots of ideas to help you be more efficient in your study. In most areas of your study, anyway. But there is one area where I have only two pieces of advice. Do it the […]

Yes, you can use Wikipedia and Google

Point: There are ways you can use unreliable websites in your study The internet is a wonderful thing. No question. Your lecturer thinks so too. Really, she does. Even if she is always giving you books and journals – old fashioned paper – to read. And even if she tells you, if at all possible, […]

You can quote me on this!

Point: When to quote and when not to quote There are some things in life that are so tempting that you want to do them even when you know they may be bad for you. For me, some of those things are … eating five bars of chocolate one after the other; staying out late on […]

Who can you trust in this life?

Point: Make sure your sources are reliable There’s a whole lot of information out there in the world. It can sometimes feel like there’s too much information. Everybody wants to tell you things. They want to tell you face-to-face, in newspapers and magazines, on TV, in advertisements, on the internet, in classrooms. In blogs! In your […]

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