How to Study at University

Practical tips and general thoughts on how to study at a Western university

Proofread and be happy!

Point: Always proofread carefully before handing in an assignment Do you ever leave your house, walk down the street, get on a bus, find a seat, collapse into it, look out the window for a few minutes … then suddenly wonder if you’ve locked the front door of your house? Or turned off the heater? Or the […]

Take it apart; put it back together – Part 2

Point: Rewrite your unclear sentences In Part 1, we had a problem; how to write long but clear sentences. The story continues … Let’s imagine your tutor asks you, in the nicest possible way, to rewrite this sentence because she’s not sure exactly what you are trying to say. Take measures to make people not to […]

Take it apart; put it back together – Part 1

Point: Rewrite your unclear sentences (First, a warning. This post may not be for you. But there is only way to find out. So, read on.) Long but clear You know, don’t you, that academic sentences are longer than those in other kinds of writing. The Longman Grammar of Written and Spoken English states that the average length of […]

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