How to Study at University

Practical tips and general thoughts on how to study at a Western university

Building knowledge

Point: A major purpose of seminars is to construct knowledge Here’s a deep question: Where does knowledge come from? Does it come from books? Or lecturers? Does it come from personal experience? Or from your rumply old grandfather, the one who lived a hard life, smokes a lot and always has a story to tell. […]

Once more, with feeling

Point: Improve your subject and language knowledge at the same time There is a fundamental problem when you are trying to learn stuff in a language that you are also trying to learn. If you are trying, for example, to learn sociology in French while trying to learn French. Or learning mechanical engineering in Spanish […]

A case of heavy criteria – Part 2

Point: Use a system to evaluate alternatives Okay. Welcome back to Part 2 of this topic! You tried to understand my explanation – in a previous post – about how to evaluate various alternatives using various criteria. (Thanks for trying.) Now let’s use an example to see if that makes it any clearer. The Chocolate Shop […]

A case of heavy criteria – Part 1

Point: Use a system to evaluate alternatives Lecturers like to give students case studies. If your lecturer hasn’t given you one yet, he or she might just be waiting for the right moment. (Be careful!) Or they might have given you one but you didn’t recognise it. A case study? A case study is a […]

Be a devil!

Point: Take the opposite opinion for the sake of the argument Imagine this. You are leading a seminar or discussion. It seems to be going okay. Everyone has prepared. But the members of the seminar don’t seem to be much interested. A few have answered your questions, but you had to ask them by name. […]

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