How to Study at University

Practical tips and general thoughts on how to study at a Western university


UEFAP This is a clear, easy-to-follow introduction to referencing using the Harvard APA style. It shows you how to reference the usual suspects – books, periodicals, and collections – as well as CDs, the internet, and other publications. While you are there, click on the Video tab and have a look at the very clear video that Andy Gillet has prepared on the basics of referencing.

Equella A good guide prepared by the University of Nottingham to most kinds of citation and reference for the Harvard system. Just click on the tabs on the left (Book, Journal, Electronic Media, etc.), choose the kind of book, journal, electronic media etc. you want to reference and clear examples appear.

The University of Southern Queensland’s APA Referencing Guide This guide gives clearly laid out examples of most of the citing and referencing situations you will meet.

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