How to Study at University

Practical tips and general thoughts on how to study at a Western university


EASE -Listening to Lectures Work you way through these excellent exercises compiled by The University of Warwick to practice your lecture listening skills. Unit 1 is available online. If you want to use the other units, your school may already have the CD-ROMs. If not, you can annoy your teachers till they do buy them!

UEFAP Useful advice and exercises specifically designed for EAP students. Look at each of the sections in the left-hand column.

TED There are many talks on a lot of topics here, including a section on Global Issues. You can find it in the left-hand column. You can also read the talk while you listen, either in a tapescript or as subtitles.

MIT This is a site made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and you can hear famous speakers such as Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Nobel Prize winners speaking.

BBC The BBC produce a site for learners of English. There are many useful parts to this site. I suggest you listen to the 6 Minute English section. You can also read the transcript and download the audio. Check out the Words in the News for topical vocabulary. There are also blogs on the site where you can contribute. Imagine your words being read by people all over the world! (Of course, you can do that on this blog, too.)

VOA has a site called Special English. This is another news site with helpful features like transcripts to read if you want while you listen. The readers’ accents on this site are American but the topics are worldwide and cover many topics and time periods.

American Rhetoric – Top 100 Speeches Here are 100 famous original speeches by Americans. They include speeches by Martin Luther King, J F Kennedy, F D Roosevelt, his wife Eleanor Roosevelt, and many others. You can read the words as, or after, you listen to the speech. This site has dozens – maybe hundreds – of videos on topics related to history, but also science and technology, and society and culture, and other topics. Take your time and enjoy listening to these videos.

Text-to-Speech If you want to hear how a word or phrase or even a sentence sounds in English, you can use this site. You can choose between an American male and a female. You can listen to the English at normal speed or faster or slower. Just type in the language you want to hear and click Say It. Then to hear it again, click the Play All button above the picture of the man or woman.

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